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Shipment Specialists LLC
11050 Big Hurricane Road Ste A
Brookwood, AL 35444

Direct: (844) 595-7495
Alt #: (205) 737-7689
(205) 737-7689


Broker Authority #- MC-3359
Bond # 106661874
DUNS # 080517070
NAIC – 488510
SIC – 4731


We are Shipment Specialists LLC, a transportation solution provider for the 21st Century.

We find trucks fast! With a vast network of qualified motor carriers, we can match and locate back haulers for your shipping and transportation needs.

Having over 10 years` experience in the transportation industry, We know trucks and we know how to deal with motor carriers to help negotiate for the best rates on your behalf.

Why waste your time making 1,2,3 or even 4 phone calls to motor carriers or dispatchers only to end up settling for high rates for your shipments. Shipment Specialists LLC will help free up your valuable time by searching our vast network of qualified back haul carriers with trucks available to haul your shipments at a below market rate.


You may ask how can we accomplish this?
The answer is Back Haulers. On any given day, there are over 2,000 (+ -) trucks sitting empty across the U.S. desperately looking for return loads to their domiciled State. Which means most of these carriers will except rates well below normal market value, thus saving you the shipper valuable time and shipment cost.

Shipment Specialists LLC understands with each phone call you make looking for available trucks will cost you time and resources, so just make one call today to Shipment Specialists LLC to get your load covered, fast!

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